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Episode 26 (2007-02-22)
Ergo Phizmiz & People Like Us: Oh No, Not Another Cha Cha M W
Tarmackers: What's That Shape? 4 M W
Ability: Gallow Trees 4 M
The Fourers: Any Friend 4 M W
Pete And The Pirates: Knots M W
Gravious: Temple Ball M W
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs: Time To Go M W
Unknown: Track 6
Chioma: Kama Sutra 4 M
Floating Zendo: Zinfandel 4 M W
Catastrophe: Fat Neck 4 W
Christos Hatjoullis: Shared Minds 4 M W
Episode 25 (2007-02-08)
Henry & Emily: Me Quitte Pas 4 M
Estron: Titrwm Tatrwm 4 M W
Arrebite: Skebelay M
Res Band: Breakdance 4 M W
Intex Systems: Titan (Scuba Remix) M W
Svengalis: Love Letters For Delinquents 4 M
Floating Zendo: Slowly Rollin' 4 M W
Boy 8 Bit: Maiden Me M
The Bongo Fury: No Loving Kind 4 M
BLM: BitKrunkled 4
Something Simple: Bare Atomic War M W
Flyin Ike: Fiesta M W
After Christmas: Division By Photographs M
Episode 24 (2007-02-01)
Arrebite: This Is Rock And Roll M
Poq: Spasm 4 M
Ergo Phizmiz: Pangolin M W
Poq: Lifeforms 4 M
Scuba: Braille Driving M W
Poq: Astronaut 4 M
Dissonant Innocence: ???
Sancho: Self (Opened) Self M W
The Standins: Wired 4
Poq: The Hi-Tec 4 M
Drunk Country: The Rain That Almost Drove The Windows In 4 M W
Episode 23 (2007-01-25)
Holy Molar: The Night Poca-Hot-Ass Spread Her Land O' Lakes M W
Poq: The Hi-Tec M
KZA: Fire Over Istanbul M
The Bright Lights: Closed on Mondays M
Unknown: Gjsghxjsgsdg
Savarna Carnatica(?):
Pappy: Syrette M
Nat Baldwin: Shadows 4 M W
Ben's Bedroom Band: Showdown In Goat Town M W
Das Oath: All The Songs Have Been Sung M W
Poq: Hi-Tec M
Episode 22 (2007-01-18)
Samazama: ???
Downdime: Joanne 4 M W
Nigatsu Usagi: ???
Slow Down Tallahassee: Tallahassee Bop 4 M
Troy Malibu Experience: The Degeneration Game
Kakuki: ???
It Hugs Back: Lights In The Trees 4 M W
Yu Ya Yu Yan: Fuutsu
Silverlink: Feather Juk M W
Mae Nov: Aoiheya
The Dead Man's Shoes: On Loan 4 M
Maria Shelley: Kiss My Lips 4 W
Episode 21 (2007-01-11)
(Needs Checking)
Pho3ny: Extreme
DJ Satan: Saddam Rathole Dance
Skoona: Swing Time Story
Spaghetti: The First Song
Cheapo Card Company: Ahnalog (Do The)
The Elephant Rescue Plan: Beating Drums
Keep Safe: Ksssh!
Dava Sobel: Red Horizon
Poq: Life-Forms
Episode 20 (2007-01-04)
LR Rockets: Lukelear Bomb 4 M W
Splen: We Love Coupar Angus M W
Gregor Samsa: What I Can Manage M W
DJ Nausea: Mongstomp 4 M W
Splen: NASA M W
Seeing It Through: I've Waited A Long Time 4 W
The Clouded Lights: Show Me Your Lazy Side 4 M
Splen: Just For Men M W
OPC: Popeye 4 M
MC Squared: All I Had To Do Was Kill 4 M
Splen: Stock Market M W
Episode 19 (2006-12-28)
(Needs Checking)
Sailboats R White: Lead Eye
Denzel & Huhn: Targo
Extreme Animals: Rap Attack
Bow Mods: Country Girl
Milanese: ???
Unknown: Unknown
Puerto Muerto: Muerto County
Red Sparrows: The Great Leap Forwards Poured Down Upon Us One Day Like A Mighty Storm Suddenly And Furiously Blinding Our Senses
Indian Jewelry: Lying On The Floor
Gay Against You: Mummy Caesar
Episode 18 (2006-12-21)
Christmas Special
The Half Cuts: Stop The Cavalry 4 M
Christmas Croo: Blinging Christmas Choon 4
Pleated Lemon: Yuletide Logs 4 W
Giant Paw: A Winter Tale 4 M W
Ergo Phizmiz: Sounds Of Christmas M W
A Clark Family Christmas: Stop The Cavalry
Xylitol: Sleigh Ride 4 M
Jocky Venkataraman: Parcel People M W
The Fourers: Damn This Time Of Year 4 M W
Mr Fisty: Merry Fucking Christmas
Pocket Promise: A Christmas Song 4 M W
Thee Cat's Pajamas: I Love You Santa M W
Jo Keers: A Happy Hippy Christmas 4 M W
The House Band featuring Tom Ravenscroft: Good King Wenceslas W
Episode 17 (2006-12-14)
The V.C's: Ray Harryhausen Creates His Perfect 12" Woman 4 W
Lil' James & Marv: Norf Wezt Division Monchael 4 M
Pocket Promise: Inside Out M W
Monchael: Drops Of Light 4
DJ Nausea: Turbodub The Loafaz 4 M W
Pocket Promise: Wasted Time M W
Agaskodo Teliverek: Squirrel Staring At A Beetle M
Splen: Craftomatic Adjustable Bed M W
Pocket Promise: Facing Down M W
Mustpha Baqbou: Untitled 4 W
Episode 16 (2006-12-07)
(Needs Checking)
The Love Brigade: Dark Eyes
The Loneliest Spaceman: Disconnected 4 M
Peter & The Wolf: Midnight Train
Phoenix Bodies: I Guarantee You're A Pile Of Shit
Fiona Soe Paing: Tamin Sah Pade
El Houssine El Baz: Awali Stnam Yot Lhob
Lipsis: The Brimming Bowl
Uffmoor Woods Music Club: It Came From The Swamp
Petites Annonces: Le Yeux Noirs
Oxford Collapse: Please Visit your National Parks
Episode 15 (2006-11-30)
Soldier Antikz: Ready To Show 4 M
Sabine Dor: In My Coffin 4
DJ Distance: Ska M W
The Pathways: Need To Talk M W
Plastic Passion: Not Art 4 M
Bootleg Lilos: Bomber Jacket Man 4 M
The Bass Factory: Dead Mouse 4
The Scuffers: You've Got Troubles On Your Mind 4 M W
Rolo Tomassi: Seagull 4 M W
Tintin: Y La Voz Cuando Entra? W
Episode 14 (2006-11-23)
Dog And Bass: The Don
Genghis Tron: Chapels M W
Mars: LAID (Living An Impossible Dream)
Genghis Tron: Arms M W
Oi Mush: Pressure Wessure
Genghis Tron: White Walls M W
Anthony McCormack?: Fears M
Omen: Fucking Voodoo???
The Local Wildlife: Calamities
Genghis Tron: Ride The Stable??? M W
Episode 13 (2006-11-15)
Live, 'In The City', Manchester
65 Days Of Static: ???
Suzy Mangion: ??? M
Suzy Mangion: ??? M
Cutting Pink With Knives: ??? M W
Cutting Pink With Knives: ??? M W
The Fourers: ??? 4 W
The Fourers: ??? 4 W
Hotplate: ??? 4
Hotplate: ??? 4
Episode 12 (2006-11-08)
(Needs Checking)
The Illegal Waste: It's Illegal 4 M
Paragon & Emro: Bad Intentions W
Subsonic: Jazz Smoke M W
SeiZmic: Thoughts 4 M
Elken: Wired 4 M
Dissociation: Alive M W
The HalfCuts: Lord Of The Dance 4 M
Episode 11 (2006-11-01)
Live, 'In The City', Manchester
The Fourers: Let's Do Nothing(?) 4 W
The Fourers: ??? 4 W
Cutting Pink With Knives: Disco? M W
Cutting Pink With Knives: Taste The Alps? M W
Cutting Pink With Knives: Somewhere Warm? M W
Suzy Mangion: I Hope You Remember? M
Suzy Mangion: Song Of Degrees M
65 Days Of Static: ???
Hotplate: ??? 4
Hotplate: The Dance Of DJ Hotplate 4
Episode 10 (2006-10-25)
Takoma Star: Atari Days 4 M
Seeing It Through: Seven Cats 4 W
SeiZmic: Sound Bwoy Frequencies 4 M
Dave Is Dead: 21 4 M
Robert Jesse: News From Nowhere 4 M
Cluekid & Arorah: Round 2 M W
Episode 9 (2006-10-18)
Loon: Oxford Banjo 4 M
Miso Soup: Academic Monkey M W
Homicide: Prolonged Phobia 4 M W
El Coco: Not Boppin 4
Miso Soup: Sancho M W
Mawkin: French Set 4 M W
Episode 8 (2006-10-11)
The Bow Street Runners: Sit Down Next to Me 4
Egg + Meat = Man: Raise Her Up From Down Below 4 M
Motion Gallery: Un Orage Se Prepare 4 M
The Rebecas: Rebeca Said 4
Resonator: A Waltz 4 M W
The Prefect: Exodus 4 M
Cutting Pink With Knives: Hey Cowboy M W
Episode 7 (2006-10-04)
Stefan George: First Light 4 M
Legendary TP: Breeze Through The Trees 4 M
Audio Circus: The Drovers 4 M W
Unknown: Community
Everyone To The Anderson: The Dead Angle 4 M
Made In Mexico: Clockwork 4 M W
Unknown: Take A Picture
Episode 6 (2006-09-24)
Kentucky AFC: Outlaw 4 M W
Kingbastard: Got Milk M
Oli 'n' Clive: Lucky Tape 4 M
Lactation Sandwich: Sewer Water 4 M W
Sleeping Years: Islands 4 M W
Gay Against You: Muscle Milk M
Gay Against You: Let's Build A China Town M
Gay Against You: Triple Schipol M
Gay Against You: Gay Unicorn M
Gay Against You: teleRAD M
Gay Against You: I Put My Hood Up M
Gay Against You: Electric Face Wound M
Episode 5 (2006-09-21)
Oki Dog: Saturday Night 4 M
Matter & Villem: Machines M
Enid Blitz: Day By Day 4 M W
Gay Against You: Strawberry Blueberry M
Last Chance To Dance: The Ben Richards Showdown 4 M
Black Curtain: Follow Me 4 M
Athletic Automaton: Cicadas M W
Episode 4 (2006-09-14)
The Swings: Disco Heaven 4
Parameter Surfer: Kinky Bitch (Part 1) 4
Rigil: Wheat Fields 4
Spitfire: Meat Market W
Barry Phillips: Polska Fran Glava W
The Young Detectives: The Pussycat Lego Disaster 4
Xylitol: Ritual King Slaughter M
Episode 3 (2006-09-07)
Flood: Hell Is Only A Name 4
Raymond Pistola: Mix M
Pants Yell!: More Purple M
Sabrepulse: Famicon Connection 4
Pants Yell!: Our Weather M
Kevin Sinnott: Saw Through You 4
Pants Yell!: Kids Are The Same M
Pleated Lemon: Yuletide Logs 4
Episode 2 (2006-08-31)
Acrnym: Friendship Station M W
Hotplate: The Dance Of DJ Hotplate 4
Ciccone: Look At You Now 4 M W
Si: If You Do As I Do 4 M
Child Abuse: Blessed From The Bowel 4
Makvert: Resonance Cascade 4 M W
Phillip Roebuck: Travel Light M W
Pants Yell!: Kids Are The Same M
Episode 1 (2006-08-24)
The Monroes: Not Tonight 4 M W
Gay Against You: teleRAD M
Cluekid: 10p Dub M
The Fourers: Wood For Trees 4 W
Genghis Tron: White Walls M W
Lindsay West: Newcastle 4 M
UND: Fox In The Box W
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